International Conference on “Massacre of Zhengding Church and Religions' Humanitarian Rescue Efforts During the War”



2014年10月28日 上午      Morning, October 28,2014

开幕式 Opening ceremony
河北省天主教神哲学院 Hebei Catholic Major Seminary

主持人 Chair: 方建平主教 Msgr.Peter Fang Jianping (河北省天主教神哲学院董事长 Chair of the Board of Hebei Catholic Major Seminary)

张士江神父 在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救助”学术研讨会上的致辞 Speech of Fr.John B. Zhang at the Opening Ceremony  张士江神父 信德文化研究所所长 Fr.John B. Zhang (Director of Faith Institute for Cultural Studies)

许嘉璐先生致 “正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救助” 学术研讨会及与会朋友们的函 The Letter of Mr. Xu Jialu   许嘉璐先生:前全国人大常委会副委员长、复旦大学宗教与国际关系研究中心学术委员会主任 Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Director of the Academic Committee, Center for the Study of Religion and International Relations, Fudan University

张海鹏教授在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救助”学术讨论会开幕式上的致辞 Speech of Professor Zhang Haipeng at the Opening Ceremony  张海鹏教授(中国社会科学院学部委员、中国史学会会长)Professor Zhang Haipeng (The academic committeeman of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chairman of the Chinese History Association

徐以骅教授在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救助” 学术研讨会开幕式上的致辞 Speech of Dr.XuYihua at the Opening Ceremony  徐以骅教授(复旦大学国际政治系主任、宗教与国际关系研究中心主任)Dr.XuYihua (Professor and Director, Department of International Politics, Center for the Study of Religion and International Relations, Fudan University)

赵本笃神父在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教界在战时的人道主义救援” 学术研讨会上的致辞 Speech of Fr. Benedict Chao, OCSO  赵本笃神父(香港煕笃会圣母神乐院、文致和主教生前的见证人)Fr. Benedict Chao, OCSO (Our Lady of Joy Abbey, Hong Kong, personal witness of Bishop Frans Schraven )

何文生先生致辞 Speech of Mr. Vincent Hermans  何文生先(文致和主教侄外孙、九位致命者的亲朋代表 Dr. Vincent Hermans second cousin of Bishop Frans Schraven, representing the relatives and friends of nine martyrs)

日本天主教主教团主席、东京总教区冈田武夫总主教致与会者的函 The Letter of Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada   日本天主教主教团主席 东京教区总主教 President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan, Archbishop of Tokyo Archdiocese

戴建兵副校长在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救援助”研讨会开幕式上的致辞 Speech of Prof. Dai Jianbing at the Opening Ceremony  戴建兵教授 (河北师范大学副校长) Prof. Dai Jianbing (Vice President of Hebei Normal University)

The Unveiling Ceremony of the plaque of Bishop Frans Schraven's Memorial House

揭幕者: Jointly Conducted by:

封新卯主教(河北省天主教神哲学院院长) Msgr.Peter Feng Xinmao (Rector of Hebei Catholic Major Seminary)

德隆主教(文致和主教家乡鲁尔蒙德教区辅理主教) Msgr. Everhard de Jong (Auxiliary Bishop of Roermond Diocese, the Netherlands later Bishop Schraven's home Diocese)

The Unveiling Ceremony of the Memorial Tablet Set for Our Lady of Joy Abbey

揭幕人:Conducted by:

李占江神父 (河北省天主教神学院常务副院长) Fr. Joseph Li Zhanjiang (Executive Vice-Rector of Hebei Catholic Major Seminary)

高豪神父(并致辞)(煕笃会圣母神乐院院长) Fr. Paul Kao, OCSO(Superior of Our Lady of Joy Abbey, Hong Kong)

Memorial Mass for Bishop Frans Schraven and other martyrs

主礼Presider:方建平主教 Msgr. Peter Fang Jianping

韩德力神父在“文致和主教及其致命同伴纪念弥撒”中的讲道  韩德力(南怀仁文化协会)

遣使会总会长致研究会的函 Letter of the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission  G. Gregory Gay, C.M. Superior General


10月28日 下午(河北师范大学) Afternoon, October 28th(Hebei Normal University)

第一场 Session I(Keynote Speech)

主持人Chair:戴建兵教授(河北师大副校长)Prof. Dai Jianbing

文明危机与人性复苏 The Crisis of Civilization and Recovery of Humanity  章开沅教授 Prof. Zhang Kaiyuan (华中师范大学Central China (Huazhong) Normal University)

第二场 Session II

主持人Chair:王美秀教授 Prof. Wang Meixiu (中国社科院世界宗教研究所 China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world Religions)

围绕正定惨案的沉默 The Great Silence About Zhengding Church Massacre  Marja Grim Simpelveld

正定教堂惨案的历史考察及其价值 History and Value of Massacre of Zhengding Church  李晓晨 河北师范大学历史文化学院

日文资料中的正定教堂惨案 Materials in Japanese concerning Zhengding Church Massacre  松隈康史 (日本天主教主教团秘书处周报局编辑、代主编)Mr. Anthony Yasufumi Matsukuma

围绕正定惨案的迷雾:问题和答案 FOG BANKS AROUND THE MASSACRE OF ZHENGDING CHURCH Questions and (provisional) answers.   Mr. Vincent Hermans 鲁汶大学南怀仁研究所 Verbiest Institute Catholic University Louvain Belgium

泊林芝修士的一生(1909-1937) The Life of Brother Ladislaus Prinz CM (1909-1937)   柳学文神父 遣使会波兰省区 Pawel Wierzbick Poland Province of the Congregation of the Mission

第三场 Session III

主持人Chair:韩德力神父 Fr.Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM

活菩萨赵朴初在抗战中的人道主义救助 Living Buddha Zhao Pu-Chu’s humanitarian assistance during the Anti-Japanese War   钱耕森 Prof. Qian Gengsen (安徽大学宗教学研究中心) (Center of Religious Studies, Anhui University)

正定教堂惨案中遇难者所属修会 The Religious Order Related to the Zhengding Church Massacre  高豪 煕笃会神乐院 Paul Kao, OCSO Our Lady of Joy Abbey

正定教堂惨案的受害者柴慎成神父和方济·弗雷德修士:两位在中国并肩工作的奥地利遣使会会士 Fr. Thomas Ceska C.M., (1872 -1937) victim of the Massacre of Zhengding Church and Brother Franz Xaver Friedrich C.M., (1882-1950) – two Austrian Vincentians working together in China.  Fr. Alexander Jernej, CM (奥地利遣使会 Vincentians in Austria)

正定天主堂惨案的历史和当代意义 The Significance of Remembring the Zhengding Catholic Church Massacre to the Study of Christianity in China  徐以骅 复旦大学国际政治系


10月29日(河北师范大学) October 29th(Hebei Normal University)

第四场 Session IV(分场 A Group Ⅰ)

主持人Chair:刘家峰教授 Prof. Liu Jiafeng(山东大学历史文化学院 School of History and Culture of Shandong university)

人道救助:理解宗教与战争关系的一条线索 Humanitarian assistance: a clue to understand the relationship between religion and war  张志鹏 Prof. Zhang zhipeng (安徽工业大学) (Business College, AnHui University of Technology )

基督教的人道主义救援与公益慈善 The Humanitarian Aid and Philanthropy of the Christian Church  宫哲兵 Prof. Gong Zhebin(武汉大学哲学学院宗教学系) (The School of Philosophy of Wuhan University)

上海圣彼得堂抗战时期人道主义的救助活动 On the Humanitarian Relief Activities of St. Peter’s Church in Shanghai During the Anti-Japanese War  段琦 Prof. Duan qi (中国社科院世界宗教研究所) (The Institute of World Religions,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

饶家驹和南市难民区 P. Jaequinot de Besange S.J. and Nanshi Refugee Zone    王伟 Associate Researcher. Wang Wei (上海大学) ( Shanghai University)

南市难民区的建立和国际人道法的订立 Establishment of the Nanshi refugee district and legislation of the international humanitarian law  张 化 Prof.Zhang Hua (上海社会科学院宗教研究所) (The Religion Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

关于1938年山西垣曲荷兰神父胡永生因保护难民 而被日军杀害一事的调查 On the Investigation of the Killing of the Dutch Priest Fr. Hu Yongsheng in 1938 by the Japanese Soldiers for the Sake of Protecting the Refugees at Yuanqu of Shanxi Province  姜郁春 Jiang yuchun.Person in Charge (约翰·拉贝交流中心 驻京办 The Beijing Office of John H. D. Rabe Exchange Center)

第五场 Session V(分场 B Group Ⅱ)

主持人Chair:吴义雄教授 Prof. Wu Yixiong(中山大学历史学系教授 History Department of Zhongshan University)

善良的人是和平的使者 Men of Good Will are Agents of Peace  Pst. Harold Toledano (哲学神学院Order of the Discalced Augustinans )

天主教在河北的碑石文化 The Monument Culture of the Catholic Church in Hebei  戴建兵 Prof. Dai Jianbing 河北师范大学  Hebei Normal University

东汉魏晋南北朝宗教慈善的滥觞与发展 The origins and development of religious charity in the period of Eastern Han, Wei ,Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties  王文涛/许秀文 Wang Wentao & Xu Xiuwen

河北宗教界的抗日战争 The Anti-Japanese Struggle of the Religious Communities in Hebei  鞠志强 Ju Zhiqiang 《河北宗教史》主编 Chief Editor of “The Chronicles of Hebei Religions”

和平,就是最大的人道主义 Peace is the Greatest Humanism  赵建敏 Fr. Peter Zhao (北京天主教与文化研究所) (Beijing Institute for the study of Christianity and Culture)

二十世纪三四十年代天主教在塞北的慈善与人道救助 The Humanitarian Aid of the Catholic Church in Saibei Area (north of the Great Wall) during the 1930s-1940s  徐建平Xu Jianping (河北师大历史文化学院) School of history and culture,Hebei Normal University

第六场 Session VI(分场 A Group Ⅰ)

主持人Chair:段琦教授 Prof. Duan Qi(中国社科院世界宗教研究所 The Institute of World Religions,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

身份、信仰与慈善事业——《魏特琳日记》一个角度的解读简记 Identities , Faith And Philanthropies—One Abbreviated Record of Jinling Diary In A New Point  董丛林 Prof. Dong Conglin (河北师大历史文化学院) ( School of history and culture.Hebei Normal University)

抗战时期华东地区回族慈善救济活动 The Ethnic Hui’s Charitable Rescue in East China During the Anti-Japanese War  洪伟 Hong Wei 薛莉 Xue Li (南京理工大学人文与社会科学学院) (School of Humanities and Social Sciences Nanjing university of science & technology)

电影《一九四二》与教会在抗战期间的贡献和付出 The Movie “1942”and the Contribution and Sacrifices of the Church during the Sino-Japanese War  韩清平 Paul Han Qingping (信德文化研究所) (Faith Institute for Cultural Studies)

在华基督教会的对日宣言——以《教务杂志》两封对日公开信为中心 The declaration to Japan by the Protestant Christian Church in China: Centered on the two open letters to Japan in “The Chinese Recorder”  孔陈焱 Antonio Kong (复旦大学宗教与国际关系研究中心) (Department of International Politics, Fudan University )

多维视角下的正定天主堂惨案 TheZhengding Catholic Church Massacre Under the Multi-Dimensional Perspectiv  王德硕 Prof. Wang Deshuo (复旦大学国际关系与公共事务学院国际政治系) (Department of International Politics, Fudan University)

天主教堂与正定 The Catholic church and Zhengding  申新海 Director.Shen Xinhai (正定县政协文史) (Culture and History Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of Zhengding County)

第七场 Session VII(分场 B Group Ⅱ)

主持人Chair:张化教授 Prof. Zhang Hua(上海社会科学院宗教研究所 The Religion Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

雷鸣远神父的本地化思想和抗日行动 Fr. Vincent Lebbe’s Ideas of Inculturation and Anti-Japanese Activities  任继远 Ren Jiyuan. Chief-editor 《河北宗教史》主编 Chief Editor of “The Chronicles of Hebei Religions”

雷鸣远神父“我为爱中国而生,为爱中国而死”的爱国行实 Fr. Vincent Lebbe’s Practices of “Living and Dying for the Love of China”  李国伟 Li Guowei (安国德来小妹妹会) (The Little Sisters of St. Theresa of the Holy Child in Anguo)

人类能否避免大屠杀重演——从“辛德勒现象”说开去 Can human beings avoid the recurrence of slaughter –Talking from the “Schindler phenomenon”  彭剑 Prof. Peng Jian (华中师范大学中国近代史研究所) (Institute of Modern Chinese History, Central China Normal University ,Huazhong)

明清之际天主教在华慈善救助事业初探 Primary investigation of Catholic charity in China during Late Ming and Early Qing  胡文婷 Hu Wenting (北京外国语大学中国海外研究中心) (Beijing Foreign Studies University research centre of Overseas Sinology)

战火中的福音:从1895年中日山东战事看基督教传教士与甲午战争 The Good News in the Midst of War: To Look at the Christian Missionaries and the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 in Light of the Sino-Japanese Shandong Warfare in 1895  张德明:Post-doctoral. Zhang Deming (中国社科院近代史所) (Institute of Modern History,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

中日战争时期圣言会在山东的人道主义援助 The Humanitarian Aid Services of the Divine Word Missionaries during the Sino-Japanese War  张燕霞 Zhang Yanxia (德国圣奥斯定大学) (Sankt Augustin University of Deutschland)

第八场 Session VIII

主持人Chair:赵建敏神父 Fr.Peter Zhao(北京天主教与文化研究所 Beijing Institute for the study of Christianity and Culture)

见证人与活菩萨:抗战时期的在华传教士及其活动(1937-1945) Eyewitness and Living Buddha: Missionaries in War-Torn China (1937-1945)  刘家峰 Liu Jiafeng

北京辅仁大学在抗日战争时期的贡献 The Merits of Furen University during the Japanese Resistance War  雷立柏 Prof. Leopold Leeb (中国人民大学文学院 Renmin University, School of Liberal Arts)

日本人占领山东南部和传教士的慈善工 The Japanese occupation of Shandong South area and Charity Work of Missionaries  雷立柏 Prof. Leopold Leeb (中国人民大学文学院 Renmin University, School of Liberal Arts)

为和好过程的准备程度:印尼华侨基督教徒的个案 Readiness level for Reconciliation Process: Case of Chinese Indonesian Christians  Rev. Robby i Chandra and Julia (印度尼西亚西爪哇岛的基督教会,前身为中华基督教会)(The Indonesian Christian Church of west Java which was formerly the Tiong Hoa Kie Tok Kauw Hwee , the Chinese Church)

在全世界为所有人群和宗教缔造和平的帕西•盎林绿色学校 Pasir Angling Green School Promoting Peace on Earth to all people and Religiosity in the World  Gai Suhardja, Lay Hok Tjoan (文化研究论坛研究员/马拉纳萨-上主来吧, 基督教大学Maranatha Christian University/ Lecturer Forum of Cultural Studies)

第九场 Session Ⅸ

主持人Chair:德隆主教(Msgr. Everhard de Jong)

从遣使会的灵修看文致和主教及其对中国人民的服务 Bishop Schraven and his Service to the Chinese People from the Perspective of his Spirituality as a Vincentian  Fr. Tjeu van Knippenberg CM (荷兰蒂尔堡大学 Tilburg University The Netherlands)

LOVE EXECUSIONER:A History of Vincentian Fathers and Brothers being a witness of Faith through Charity, Justice,and Formation of Local Church in China  谷声野神父 Johannes Kusno Bintoro , CM (遣使会中华省省会长Provincial of Chinese Province, CM)

斯洛伐: 基督徒所受的迫害及殉道者的角色 Persecution of Christians in Slovakia, respectively in Czechoslovakia in the years 1944 - 1989 and the role of martyrs  Tomas Gerboc SVD

从先知性角色看宗教界人士为义致命的现实及超性意义 Practical and Transcendent Significance of the Martyrdom of the Religious Figures ---From a Prophetic Perspective  张士江 John B. Zhang (信德文化研究所 Faith Institute for Cultural Studies)

闭幕式 Closing ceremony

主持人Chair:徐建平教授 Prof. Xu Jianping(河北师大历史文化学院 School of history and culture,Hebei Normal University)

致辞 Speeches

学者代表 Representative of the Academics

谷声野神父Fr.Johanes Kusno Bintoro, CM (遣使会中华省省会长Provincial of China Province, Congregation of Mission)

文哈利先生 Mr. Harry Schraven (文致和主教基金会理事长 President of Msgr. Schraven Foundation)

遣使会奥地利省会长致研讨会的函 The Letter of Fr. Franz Kangler CM  Fr. Franz Kangler CM (Provincial Superior of Austria)

荷兰遣使会全体神父致研讨会的函 The Letter of The Council of the Dutch Vincentian Fathers, CM  The Council of the Dutch Vincentian Fathers, CM

(捷克)斯洛伐克天主教主教团团长暨首都伯拉第斯拉瓦教区总主教致研讨会的函 The Letter of Msgr. Stanislav Zvolensky  Msgr. Stanislav Zvolensky (Metropolitan Archbishop of Bratislava, President of Episcopal Conference of Slovakia)

高士洁女士致研讨会的专函 The Letter of Gao Shijie  高士洁 The Daughter of An Anti-Japanese General

在“正定教堂惨案暨宗教在战时的人道主义救助”学术研讨会上的致辞闭幕词 The Speech of Fr.Paul Han at the Ending  韩清平神父 Fr.Paul Han Qingping (信德文化研究所副所长) (Faith Institute for Cultural Studies)