遣使会奥地利省会长致研讨会的函 | The Letter of Fr. Franz Kangler CM

2014-10-28 14:13:07 作者:Fr. Franz Kangler CM (Provincial Superior of Austria)

Dear Participants of the Symposium,

We are thankful that you are remembering the work and the witness of our confreres in those bitter years of the Chinese history. In contrast to some other countries Austria never had a colonial past. When we look into the few old letters still remaining in our archives they are full of love and respect for the great Chinese nation.
Fr. Ceska and his fellow Austrian Vincentians in China were thankful to be allowed to spend their lives in such a different region of the world in order to give witness for Jesus Christ`s limitless love for all human beings.
Today we fear in many parts of the world that different national and religious groups take up arms against each other again and that the poor and powerless, specifically women and children, remain helpless victims as it happened in those years of the Chinese history.
May the remembrance of our brothers of the past induce in us the fire of love and openness over all borders of sometimes self-imposed national and religious limitations and may God in his greatness enlighten us with his Eternal Wisdom.

本文标题:遣使会奥地利省会长致研讨会的函 | The Letter of Fr. Franz Kangler CM

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