中日战争时期圣言会在山东的人道主义援助 | The Humanitarian Aid Services of the Divine Word Missionaries during the Sino-Japanese War

2014-10-29 11:32:30 作者:张燕霞 Zhang Yanxia (德国圣奥斯定大学) (Sankt Augustin University of Deutschland)

1937日军发动了侵华战争,这场战争一直持续了8年,给我国人民带来了空前的劫难与不可估量的损失。除了数以百万计的同胞惨遭杀戮,还导致大量难民流离失所,生活在水深火热之中。在这8年抗战期间,天主教圣言会的会士们,本着实践信仰、发扬爱德的精神,曾做了大量的人道主义救援工作,特别是在山东一带,会士们对难民的保护与救助工作成为传教士发扬基督精神的历史见证,在我国抗战史上写下了光辉的一页。然而,圣言会在抗战期间所做的人道主义救援工作在我国大陆却鲜为人知,其原因很多,这主要是因为当时圣言会记载的相关资料大量流失,而且遗留下来的资料还没有进行系统地整理和分析研究。本文主要依据 德文期刊《高密通讯》(Kaomi Regions Korrespondenz 1938-1945)中的有关报道,对抗战时期圣言会为难民提供的保护与援救作一简单梳理。



2.简介德文期刊《高密通讯》(Kaomi Regions Korrespondenz1938-1945)




In 1937 Japan started its aggressive war against China. This war lasted for 8 years and brought upon China and its people immense destruction and losses. Besides leaving hundreds of thousands of deaths and wounded, it created countless homeless people and refugees. During the 8 years of war the Divine Word Mission offered broad support in terms of humanitarian assistance, especially by taking care for the many refugees in Shandong, protecting them and bringing them to safety, giving visible witness of their believe as followers of Christ and of love towards their fellow human beings. This generous help in Shandong to the people in need is something still very much known by all people in Shandong due to of various reasons. Unfortunately much of the material which could document this got lost during the war, and much of the material still available hasn’t been systematically collected yet and done research on. The material this article is using for reference is mainly taken from the German Journal . It is a simple report, dealing with the efforts made by the Divine Word Missionaries in order to offer help to the refugees and people in need during the war.

Survey of the basic contents of the article:

1. The situation of the SVD in South Shandong from 1937 to 1945

2. Description of the German language journal

3. Short report on the situation of the refugees in South Shandong during the war.

4. Auxiliary measures of the Divine Word Mission in South Shandong during the Chinese-Japanese War in order to protect and rescue the refugees.

Through the reports in the journal of what the missionaries heard and saw and went through personally during the war, and relying also on some letters, it is possible to understand from the view of the missionaries the real situation during the war. The account rendered on the situation of the refugees is quite detailed and a rather clear and concrete historical picture of the actual condition. Especially the still available texts contributed by SVD missionaries in South Shandong regarding the actions in behalf of the refugees can be considered firsthand material making it possible to gain a good insight into the humanitarian measures taken by the church during the war.

本文标题:中日战争时期圣言会在山东的人道主义援助 | The Humanitarian Aid Services of the Divine Word Missionaries during the Sino-Japanese War

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