Best Wishes for the 2021 Lunar New Year: Wave away the haze and Greet the Spring

2021-02-11 20:00:16 作者:Faith Team

Hubei last year; Hebei this year.

Two outbreaks; Two big trials.

Because it’s so heart-wrenching, it’s so unforgettable.

The haze of the Covid-19 epidemic from 2020 has become the pain of countless people.

The spread of the novel-corona virus around the world makes the entire human family suffer.

It is comforting to note that in the face of a sudden epidemic situation, the people of the whole country actively cooperate with the leadership of the central and local anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels, united as one body in strictly guarding against the virus and effectively putting the domestic epidemic situation under control. Internationally, the Chinese and foreign scientists have finally developed several vaccines to curb the epidemic, and the scientific tracing of the origin of the virus by the WHO has been carried out in an orderly manner.

Under the leadership of the central and local United Front and the Civil Affairs Departments, entrusted by the Bishop’s Conference and the Patriotic Association of the Chinese Catholic Church, Jinde Charities successfully completed the anti-epidemic relief works in 2020 along with the Catholic clergy and faithful, as well as those from all walks of life both at home and abroad. Our love and dedication not only showed noble patriotic sentiment, but also carried forward the great spirit of fraternity. At the turn of the old and new year, on behalf of all the beneficiaries at home or the recipients from abroad, the team of Jinde Charities would like to take this opportunity to thank the countless loving people sincerely for the generous donation and the silent support in different ways.

On October 22, 2020, after friendly consultation between China and the Vatican, the Provisional Agreement on the appointment of bishops was renewed for two more years. The two sides will continue to maintain close communication and consultation and continue to promote the process of improving relations. (See Xinhua News Agency, Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

In 2020, Shandong’s Qingdao (Mons. Thomas Chen Tianhao) and Shanxi’s Linfen (Msgr. Peter Liu Genzhu) had two Episcopal ordinations. There are four Bishops officially recognized who are Mons. Peter Lin Jiashan from dioceses of Fuzho, Fujian provinceMons. Peter Li Huiyuan from diocese of Fengxiang, Shaanxi province; Mons. Paul Ma Cunguo from diocese of Shuozhou, Shanxi province; Mons. Xavier Jin Yangke from diocese of Ningbo, Zhejiang province. Jiangxi Province, Jiangsu’s Xuzhou and Guangdong’s Shantou laid foundation for three Cathedrals. Hebei’s Handan diocese completed and opened its own Cathedral while Xingtai diocese’ completed the outer construction work of the bishops' House. 

In 2020, 40 priests and 12 deacons from all over the country were ordained. Unfortunately, totally, 23 bishops, priests and nuns passed away, many of whom were still young and actively dedicated to their consecrated lives. Their passing not only saddened many people’s hearts, but also aroused concern about the health status, medical care, social security of the clergy and religious.

At present, the Chinese Catholic community actively cooperate with the "double suspension and one delay" notice requirements for the purpose of epidemic prevention, staying home for the New Year’s celebrations. In order to solve the spiritual needs of the faithful, the local Churches provide rich and colorful spiritual services through the network and social media, and strive to improve the spiritual life of the faithful. Some dioceses have carried out activities on different themes, such as the Bible Year, the Faith Year, the St. Mark Year, the Family Evangelization Year and so on, which have laid the foundation for the healthy development of the Church.

Faith and related services (of Faith publication) also had to press the pause button in 2020 because of the repeated impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and uncertainties. However, our news media services online have not stopped. As we go through the transformation and new development, we continue to strive to provide services for you.

Looking back on the bumpy 2020, we are full of gratitude! We thank God for his blessings through the cooperation and support of many people all over the world, and for the generous help of the benefactors! We walk with understanding, prayer and assistance to help us climb over the ridge and tide over the difficulties. In the face of the difficult test brought by the epidemic and its impact, we have experienced the presence of the Lord, the friendship in the world and the brotherhood in the Lord.

On the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you, and wish our readers, authors, government leaders at all levels, and Catholic clergy and faithful all over the world a fruitful Year of the Ox with abundant peace, joy, health, and blessings! At the same time, we also wish our motherland prosperity, peace and security, and wish the world peace, human happiness as well.

Facing the hopeful 2021, let us pray that the Covid-19 pandemic will be brought to an end, so that the normalcy of our life, work, worship and services will be restored, and the human family will embrace a bright future!


Chinese Version: 2021新春寄语:挥别阴霾,迎接春天!

本文标题:Best Wishes for the 2021 Lunar New Year: Wave away the haze and Greet the Spring

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